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I’ll charm you with my pleasant blonde packaging.

At an unimposing 5 foot 3,

I’ll enthrall you with my athletic physique and palatable personality.

But despite the agreeable exterior, you detect a groundedness.

You catch a flash of something in my eye, and you’re left with the unsettling feeling that my smile could turn to rage or grief at a moment’s notice.

This is who I am as an actor, and the roles I shine in harness this tension. You’re presented with a woman who is visually non-threatening... until she meets a circumstance that cracks open the intensity you felt all along.


You hire me for that ride.


I am a master of contemporary rhythms and emotional depth.

My voice is suited to the new scripts emerging from a generation of artists who are furious at what the world around them has become. My brisk dialogue and sharp intellect match the growing body of stories that examine an unjust society and ask us how we got here, and what we are going to do about it.


I am here to tell those stories.


My extensive training in Somatic Meisner and Adler Technique give my work a spontaneity rooted in authenticity, and my training in Williamson Movement, Fitzmaurice Voice, and Period Style Physicality prepare me to meet the demands of classical text.

My background in Theater for Social Change in Tanzania gives my work a political urgency and demands a call to action from the artistic fabric I engage with.

Let me help you tell that story.

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